inowool - Smart nanobinders

From the state of the art two different type of binders are known. On the one hand there are the organic binders, on the other hand the inorganic binders. Both of them show advantages and disadvantages.



Organic binders are e.g. flexible but thermally not stable. Inorganic binders are for sure thermally stable but they are brittle and usually not water resistant.

ino®wool is the result of a smart combination out of organic and inorganic chemistry. Simply spoken all the advantages of both types can be combined without facing their disadvantages. This is possible by chemical nanotechnology. As much inorganics as possible and as less organics as necessary.

The principle and its advantages in keywords:  

Inorganic and therefore

  • thermally stable
  • non-flammable (according A1)

Small organic amount and therefore

  • flexible
  • hydrophobic


ino®wool is in industrial use since 2001. It was our first material in the market used in the mineral wool production and as a binder for natural fibres.

Please get in contact to us in case of any questions about our product.

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