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The state of the art knows two different types of decorative materials. Organic and inorganic ones. Both obtain advantages but also disadvantages. The organic decorations need only low curing temperatures but they are also only stable at low temperatures up to 250 °C in maximum. Inorganic, so called enamel-type of decorations are thermally stable but they must be fired at temperatures of at least 500 °C Beside this such enamel-type of decorations contain heavy metal oxides, such as lead, bismute etc.



All the disadvantages of both type of materials can be avoided using ino®decor. Beside this ino®decor closes the temperature gap between organic and inorganic type of materials.

The principle and its advantages in keywords:  

free of heavy metal oxides

  • pore silica matrix
  • free of toxic ingredients
  • according EU-guide line 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and 2003/11/EC
  • excellent chemical durability 


no melting process

  • variety in pigments
  • no loss of glass strength
  • lowering of processing temperature
  • variety in curing (thermal, UV)

variety in application

  • on glass, metal, ceramics, polymers
  • spray coating, screen printing
  • no smelting


ino®decor is in industrial use since 2001. Product samples are white decorations on lamp shades and black decorations on front doors of ovens.

Please get in contact to us in case of any questions about our product.

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