inodecor - Perfect structure

The structuring of surfaces by embossing is known from the state of the art. E.g. PMMA surfaces can be structured using hot stampers and high pressure.

For many applications this is not useful. The use of hot stampers do not allow step-and-repeat processes. The use of high pressure makes high-precision-structuring impossible.



Using ino®flex all these disadvantages can be avoided.

The principle and its advantages in keywords:  



  • high solids content
  • low vicosity
  • high aspect ratios

continuous process control

  • low pressure process allows the use of flexible, rotating stampers
  • possibility of temporal separation of structuring and curing 

variety of substrates

  • glas and ceramics
  • metal
  • plastics

variety of structure

  • moth eye
  • hologram
  • waveguide
  • light trap


ino®flex is in industrial use since 2002. Inorganic and organic-inorganic type of coatings are availble. Because of this structured surfaces can be used in a wide temperature range.

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