inodecor - Durable function

Some producers may think that semi-permanent-coatings are useful. E.g low surface energy coatings or biocidic coatings. Coatings which contain fluorine componentes or silver ions. And coatings which release these compounds to the environment because they are semi-permanent.

We do not think so. We are thinking about sustainability. About coatings which are eco-friendly. And in our opinion semi-permanent-coatings do not meet these requirements.

Anyway some funvtions of semi-permanent-coatings are useful. But they are much more useful if they are permanent, not semi. For that reasons we developed ino®dur, an organic-inorganic nanocomposite material making durable functions reality..


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The principle and its advantages in keywords:

differnet types of coatings

  • permanent and therefore
    sustainable and eco-friendly
  • water and solvent born
  • thermal and UV-curing

differnet functions

  • non-stick coatings
  • corrosion protection coatings
  • scratch resistant coatings


ino®decor is in industrial use since 2004. Product smaples are non-stick coatings on steel moulds for the production of automotive headliners and scratch resistant coatings on polycarbonate caps for road marking in road works.

Please get in contact to us in case of any questions about our product.

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