inosil - A firm basis

Most materials produced by chemical nanotechnology containing solvents. These solvents in most cases are not added, they are reaction products from hydrolysis and condensation of the silanes.

Some of these materials can be mixed with rather small amounts of water. This tempts some producers to offer them as water born or aqueous. But anyway the products still contain large amounts of solvents causing all the disadvantages related to this.

There are differnt approaches for antotal  exchange of the solvent. Evaporation and precipitation-emulsification are two of them. Both steps are costly and increase the product price drastically.



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inomat has developed a material called ino®sil which is totally free of solvents. And because of the smart production it is as cheap as comparable solvent based systems.

The principle and its advantages in keywords:   


water-born and free of
organic solvents

  • no dangerous good
  • no special requirements such as explosion protection during application
  • no need for waste air purification
  • free of strong acids and bases
  • available in a pH-range of 4 to 10

largely silicate type

  • thermally stable
  • due to small amounts of organic modification still flexible
  • adhesion of the silicate network up to a temperature of 1200 °C
  • compatible to a wide range of fillers
  • available in high purity


ino®sil is in industrial use since 2006, e.g. as a basic material for the incorporation of catalytic metal oxide particles for the use in pyroilytic ovens for smell reduction.

Please get in contact to us in case of any questions about our product..

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